Home Design


There is a demanding need for design firms to draw a home that has the right combination of style, cost and function that satisfies each family’s unique lifestyle. This is what we do. We work with clients to plan a custom home that fits both the clients’ dreams and their budget.  We merge the process of estimating and drawing, helping families turn their dream home into an affordable reality.

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Blue Designs offers design services and full permit ready plan sets. We partner with Gale-Rew Construction, a local award winning custom home builder, to give full estimate packages for each home we design. They work with us through the entire design process, helping clients truly understand the cost of their home during the drawing and design stage. Clients may choose any builder to build their home, but we know that combining the estimating early on in the process helps clients understand the true cost of the home they are designing, eliminating the devastating frustration down the road. Often, simple adjustments can be made to keep you in your budget, but still give you an amazing home.


We understand reading architectural drawings can be a challenge, that’s why we can help you visualize the spaces using3-dimensional software during the design process. It allows us to refine our designs and avoid costly change orders later on that can slow down your project. 3D modeling is another great benefit we offer our clients.

Whether you only need design services, construction, or both, we are here to meet your needs.

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