Our Services

Gale-Rew Construction’s unique approach to the custom home building process is what sets us apart from other builders. Each home is as unique as the family that we build it for. Gale-Rew Construction has formulated a process that allows their clients to build one of a kind custom home for a very competitive price. This process allows the client to have direct control and input about the design, style, and finish of their home. Before we even break ground, the client can be confident in knowing exactly what they are getting.


Initial Meeting

During this initial meeting, you will learn more about the Gale-Rew process, as well as discuss your project. We will answer any questions you may have and commit to getting an estimate back to you in a timely manner. It is helpful to bring any pictures, floor plans, or ideas that you may have to this meeting, so that we can better understand what you are visualizing for your custom home. Our goal by the end of this first meeting is to give you a ballpark estimate of what your project may cost you


Design and Draw

Once you are comfortable with the initial estimate given and you are ready to move on to the next step, we ask that you sign a retainer agreement. At this point we will work with you and Blue Designs to design & draw your custom home. You will also begin to work directly with our interior designer to start the exciting selection process of everything that will make your home exactly how you picture it in your mind. From carpet to paint colors, doors and appliances, our designer will go over every detail with you to ensure your experience not only produces the custom home you want, but makes the experience an enjoyable one too. There is something extremely satisfying about being involved with the creation of your home, not just picking out a predetermined floor plan and set of finishes.



As soon as you have approved your floor plan and budget and secured financing, we can begin construction. At this point you will sit down with your Project Manager to go over a basic construction schedule, as well as guidelines for you, the homeowner, during construction.