The Team – Gale-Rew Construction, Inc


Ken Gale

Well known and well respected in the industry, Ken has the knowledge to build any custom home no matter how high your expectations. He will develop the best plan of action and insure that your project is completed on time, on budget and meets his standard of quality.

Brad Rew

Not only does he work side by side with each of our custom home clients, Brad also works with every employee, sub-contractor, and supplier to ensure that everything is in place to have an effective and positive build.

Kevin Lehman

Excellence is what makes Kevin so valuable to the Gale-Rew team. If you are in need of a remodel or an addition, Kevin is who you want on the job. His past clients number in the hundreds and any of them will tell you “just call Kevin!”

Paul Govorukhin

Extremely hard working and experienced, Paul is a great manager of Gale-Rew’s custom homes. When Paul is on the project, nothing gets dropped. He is always doing whatever it takes to make you happy from start to finish.

Thera Rew

Working with new prospective customers on their new remodels and custom home ideas is where Thera shines. Each client is different and that’s what makes each project unique. From the first step inside Gale-Rew & making sure the details are all captured, Thera will ensure your project gets off on the right foot.

Howard Rew

The man behind the scenes – Howard is whom Gale-Rew has to thank for clear contracts, effective forms for our clients, and a smooth running company. Howard does not accept anything less than complete, clear, and compliant from all of our projects and employees.

Amy Lynne Darling

Amy Lynne received her Bachelors from University of California at Berkley. Before Gale-Rew, Amy Lynne spent 14 years at Orna Yaary Design in New York. As one of Gale-Rew’s designers, she guides our customers through the process of completing their dream project.

Hayley Christian

Hayley excels at helping clients turn their ideas into reality. Her ability to visualize exactly what a client has dreamed of is vital to her success. Her knowledge and passion for design helps clients define their style and feel at ease when choosing color and finishes.